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1. Achieving goals through online advertising

In this booming online world, e-commerce is one of the most noteworthy businesses. The trend of trading products and services through various online platforms to encourage the target to reach out to customers more widely. Compared to other types of advertising, shooting advertisements through online media is an advantage. It also contributes to business growth, increased sales, and increased profits. This also helps to reduce costs.


2. Influencer Marketing

This is one of the most popular trends in the digital world. As consumers become increasingly interested in products that tell the true user experience. Or affiliate marketing. With products, many brands have turned to influential groups. Establish credibility and motivate more products and services.

3. Attracting new customers through short video commerce

As people increasingly value the immediacy of online transactions, one method of establishing credibility is emerging. In many brands, short video commerce is an easy-to-understand short video presentation. One of the e-commerce platforms that can quickly complete sales and generate huge sales. This is another interesting promotional channel that investors should not miss.


 4. The trend of products from neighboring countries invading Thailand.

In recent years, Thai people have become increasingly interested in the products of neighboring countries such as China and Vietnam. Therefore, modern investors prefer to transport products from neighboring countries and sell them in Thailand at high quality and attractive prices. This is one of the most interesting online marketing trends for novice investors.

5. Green Commerce Trends

Keep up with the trend for Green Commerce or the trend to save the world. As more and more people become increasingly interested in the sustainability of resource use, the trend of green commerce continues. Not surprisingly, many people pay for this product. Therefore, who is looking for green business? This is a very worthwhile investment choice.


Leading e-Commerce technology providers and subcontractors are welcome as exhibitors to the "e-Biz & OEM Manufacturer Expo 2023," Thailand's only e-business and subcontracting platform, to grab trade opportunities with quality buyers onsite, and to bring their businesses to the next level of success.The expo will be held from August 31st to September 2nd, 2023, at Hall 7 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

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If you are a provider of e-Commerce, digital marketing. Business Solutions Logistics Online Transaction Services signal network system cosmetic contractor Food and beverages, consumer products, fashion products, packaging, etc. hope to expand their customer base and expand business opportunities …


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